Ellavate Showcases Electric Wagon for Outdoor Adventures


- 💡 Megan Lancaster is the CEO and founder of Ellavate Wagon, the first transportable and collapsible electric wagon in the micromobility space.

- 🚀 The mission of Ellavate Wagon is to ascend the outdoors by providing innovative electric wagons.

- 🏕️ Wagons and carts are widely used in various industries and by families for different purposes.

- 💰 The stroller and wagon industry has seen a merging trend to limit buying for parents.

- 🌐 There are approximately 30 million wagons sold and carts in the US annually.

- 🎯 Ellavate Wagon aims to target millennial parents and the growing aging population who value ease of mobility, convenience, and creating memories.

- 🚗 The Ellavate Electric Wagon is designed to be highly durable, versatile, and capable of exploring any terrain.

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