Does Hardware Have to Be Hard? - Webinar Recording


Hardware is hard is one of those phrases that is repeated to death in business. But while it is true that manufacturing a "real" thing like an electric scooter or bike, as opposed to building software, does carry unique challenges, figuring out how to solve those difficulties can generate exponential growth. And if we want to live in a world with clean air, safe streets, livable cities, and joyful transportation - such that micromobility enables - we’ll need to figure out how to do exactly that.

In this insight-rich webinar, we will bring together experts to explore how micromobility businesses can manage and reduce the costs and risks of HW products, including:

🛳 How to profitably ship great products people love

💰 Capital intensity for HW

⛓ Supply chain, logistics, and inventory for consumer products

🤳 Software-like business models (the likes of sharing, subscription, etc)

🛠 Supporting end-users with troubleshooting, warranties, FAQs and repairs

The webinar will be led by Micromobility Podcast co-host Oliver Bruce in which we will glean tips, tricks, and best practices from Kristjan Maruste (Comodule), Puneeth Meruva (Trucks Venture Capital), and Courtney Goodsell (Mavenoid).

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