Designing iconic ebikes - Job Stehmann, Chief Product Officer at Vanmoof

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This week Oliver Bruce speaks with Job Stehmann from Vanmoof.

Job is the chief of product design and technology at Vanmoof, where he is responsible for bringing you the beautiful bikes that they produce.Specifically they tackle:

- Vanmoof’s new bikes, the A5 and the S5 and the innovations that they have on them.

- The wider context of Micromobility and design, and what works.

- Job's journey with Vanmoof from where it was when he arrived (around the start of ebikes) to now, and how that journey has been for him

- Vanmoofs pivot to proper integration of a phone/app and how Job sees that integrating with the overall experience.

- What Job is excited about in micromobility design overall.

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