Building the Most Popular eBike in America - The crazy Story of Lectric eBikes with Founder Levi Conlow


This week Oliver interviews Levi Conlow who is the founder of Lectric Ebikes. This really is one of the most incredible stories of Micromobility in the last few years. Back in 2019 when they were just starting out, they started with an Ebike that they struggled to sell and no-one wanted to buy. Last year they had the most popular model of a bike in America shipping over 150,000 units, all while being profitable.

It’s stories like this that we love from Micromobility – companies that have really just nailed the product market fit by focusing on the bits that people love - cost and convenience. We love this conversation – Levi is an incredibly impressive founder who is hyper focused on the job the customers are trying to do – in this case selling Ebikes to people with RV’s direct to consumers, and really just nailing that experience. We really hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.

Specifically they tackled:

- The background to Levi's involvement in the industry including his first venture in electric skateboards

- The formation of Lectric including early funding and their failures

- The explosive growth through the pandemic

- The specific things that Levi focusses on for the customer that have been most valuable

- How they think of value engineering and quality

- Their marketing strategy, including how powerful the You Tube influencers are in driving sales

- The new bikes they have coming out, including the announcement of their insanely specced and priced new cargo bike, the XPedition.

- Tariffs and macro conditions and how they've navigated them

- What he's excited about in the future

- Their D2C strategy and what that has enabled for them

Check out the Lectric website right here

And with that, here's Levi!

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Catch us on Twitter @MicromobilityCo. Horace and Oliver are also active on their personal accounts and would love to hear from you.

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