Building Profitable Micromobility in Emerging Markets with Oguz Alper Oktem of Marti

Oliver Bruce
September 19, 2022


This week Oliver interviews Alper Oktem, CEO and founder of Marti, which as far as we can tell, is the largest Micromobility operator in Turkey. Oliver has long wanted to cover the Turkish Micromobility market, because it is such a large country, and they are proportionately so underserved.

Turkey is proportionately underserved with transport options in the cities – Istanbul is considered one of the most congested cities in the world. This was a great conversation and Alper is a real go-getter in the Micromobility space.

This was a great conversation, especially around funding and the importance of building Micromobility markets for the demographics and countries that they are operating in.

Specifically, they tackle:

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