Building Iconic Micro-Cars With Microlino Founder, Oliver Ouboter


This week Oliver interviews Oliver Ouboter, one of the founders of MicroLino, who are producing one of the most beautiful cars that we have seen in the neighbourhood electric vehicle space – the thing is an electric version of the iconic BMW Ysetta from the mid 1950s.

We really loved this interview for a few reasons - firstly, because the operators – Oliver and his father Whim were the OGs of the Micromobility space – setting up a company literally called Micromobility back in the early 2000s and producing the first kick scooters and then subsequently some of the first electric kick scooter’s. Secondly, anybody who is producing small electric vehicles at any sort of scale deserves to be congratulated – it has been quite the journey for them, especially as they have done it entirely self-funded of the back of their original acoustic and electric scooter business. We have really enjoyed getting to know Oliver and are looking forward to hopefully having him at Micromobility Europe in June.

Speaking of which if you are interested in the latest in lightweight electric vehicles, including neighborhood electric vehicles like this and everything in between you will absolutely love Micromobility Europe. It is the show we are most excited about in terms of what we’ve done in our history of producing shows at Micromobility industries and we are sure you would have an absolute blast coming and hanging out with our team and more than 1000 others as we talk about the future of what these vehicles might enable for our cities. I will be running a start-up stage with more than 60 companies expected to patch – it is going to be pandemonium– and I can’t wait. Get your tickets at Micromobility.IO.

And with that, here is Oliver!

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