Building Award-Winning E-Moped and A-Bike Subscriptions in Sweden: Rickard Bröms of Vässla


This week Oliver interviews Rickard Bröms from Sweden, who is the founder of Vässla, who won the Rider Choice Award at the recent 2023 Micromobility Riders Awards for best subscription company.

We’ve been following along with what they’ve been doing for a while and really love the new pedal Ebike that they are bringing out, along with the standard throttle bike and moped that they've been offering. They have really nailed the subscription services for micromobility, lowering the barriers to entry.

We really loved the conversation with Rickard - he’s very mission-driven. We're really looking forward to watching them in the future

Specifically they talk about:

- The early origins of Vässla with e-moped and throttle bikes, and now their pedal e-bikes.

- How they’ve sold around 5000 mopeds - beating the global market leader NIU - in Sweden and sell them in Berlin too.

- How they’ve thought about Vässla Club, their subscription business - what was the insight, and what did it require from them to pivot into this - How they do their manufacturing - Their funding journey for early moped and into developing an ebike and subscription

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