Beyond Bike Lanes: Building a Blueprint for Micromobility Cities


Join us on Wednesday, September 30th for a virtual forum about what kind of new infrastructure cities will need to meet the 2020 surge in first-time cyclists and scooter users: Beyond Bike Lanes: Building a Blueprint for Micromobility Cities.

As more and more urban residents turn to bikes, skateboards, and scooters to escape lockdown, the inadequacy of existing infrastructure in many communities has become obvious. If city planners want to cement this mode shift, and in doing so, make a real difference on climate, street safety, and air quality, they will need to boldly reallocate road space to accommodate the growing number of people who do not use a car as their primary means of conveyance. Those needs include wide sidewalks, protected micromobility networks, slow streets, charging hubs, secure parking, and more.

But how can the pro-micromobility crowd create ambitious infrastructure, when in the past, they have had to struggle—city by city, block by block—just to get tiny amounts of substandard bike lanes approved? Clearly new solutions and new tactics for creating change are needed.

Participating in this conversation will be a trio of infrastructure experts whose careers span the private, public, and nonprofit sectors: Peter Deppe, co-founder and CEO of Kuhmute, an innovative infrastructure startup with a universal docking/charging solution that supports a wide range of devices, from electric scooters to battery-powered wheelchairs; Warren Logan, Policy Director for the City of Oakland, a world capital for micromobility that recently approved a landmark, 74-mile Slow Streets pilot; and Anna Zivarts, Director of the Disability Mobility Initiative at Disability Rights Washington, which advocates for accessibility, equity, and safety in urban transportation.

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