Announcing the Retail Awards at Micromobility America 2024


Announcing the "Retail Awards" at Micromobility America (Costa Mesa, CA; Nov 14-15), an innovative opportunity for manufacturers of ebikes, escooters, electric powersports, and other micromobility vehicles to present to a select group of the best retailers in the USA. This contest aims to bridge the gap between groundbreaking micromobility brands and leading retailers by providing a platform where they can pitch their products directly to dealers. Success in this pitch contest could significantly increase a brand's retail presence and consumer accessibility.

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Objective: To offer micromobility vehicle manufacturers a chance to pitch their products to top dealers in retail, winning the opportunity to have their vehicles sold at leading retailers.

Participants: Manufacturers of ebikes, escooters, electric powersports, and other micromobility vehicles.

Audience: Dealers, retailers, distributors and vehicle brands in the micromobility industry.

Format: A pitch contest where each participating brand presents its products, highlighting unique selling points, innovations, and value propositions to a panel of dealers.

Scoring Criteria

To ensure a fair and comprehensive evaluation process, the following scoring criteria will be developed, focusing on aspects most important to dealers when deciding whether to carry a brand's vehicles:

1. Product Quality and Innovation (20%)

2. Cost and Profit Margins (20%)

3. Warranty and Servicing Needs (20%)

4. Consumer Demand and Market Trends (15%)

5. Dealer Support and Incentives (15%)

6. Sustainability and Environmental Impact (10%)


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