Ride Review Announcement

James Gross
September 15, 2022

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Micromobility Industries first defined and now curates the industry that has exploded around small electric vehicles. We do that with industry-leading events in America and Europe, the #1 podcast and YouTube Channel, and the largest community of micromobility advocates across social media. For all your support, I want to say thank you for being part of the community. 

In addition, late last month we launched our new website with a specific update to our Landscape where you can now search and see all of the Micromobility Companies by their categories. We also made the announcement that the Micromobility Landscape has passed 1,000 companies, a staggering number for how new the industry is. 

A Bigger Calling For Micromobility Industries 

As our B2B community has matured, we have also witnessed an eruption of activity in the consumer, prosumer, influencer, and review space.

Many companies have told us that their goal is to continue to grow the category around micromobility and get new butts in seats. 

We have heard the feedback and we see the solution as two-fold:

Discovery: How do we get everyone to understand the power of small electric vehicles? Because once they start riding we know they will never stop. 

Distribution: Once discovery has happened, how do we get the word out and keep customers updated on all the latest and greatest small vehicles that are available?

We want to help all micromobility companies grow. In order to do that we are launching an additional media property and event series to allow you to connect more with your current and future customers. 

Meet Ride Review 

Our mission with Ride Review is to help inspire the next 5 billion micromobility users by creating the largest online and offline community for expert reviews, consumer ratings, and test rides. Whether you are looking for a one-wheel, skate, scooter, ebike, moped, dirt bike, NEV, or any other form of small electric ride, we want to be your trusted source for finding that ride. We will do this by aggregating our community along with the wealth of content that is being produced across independent media properties, YouTube, Amazon, and other outlets, and connecting prospective buyers to the thousands of amazing companies that are changing the way we move.

Everyone should be able to find the ride that is right for them easily, and we plan to create the knowledge base and experiences to make that possible.

Upon launching RideReview.io today, we already have over 100 reviews from vehicle creators as well as ratings from the very best review websites. 

We will be announcing our first expo show soon, where we will be traveling to some of the largest urban cities in the US and Europe to bring consumers together with you in environments similar to the ones we have created with Micromobility America and Micromobility Europe. 

That is it from us for now, as always we appreciate your feedback and support. 

Go Micro and Ride On! 

Visit RideReview.io

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