An Electric Motorbike for the Masses with Ryvid Founder Dong Tran


This week, Oliver interviews Dong Tran, founder of Ryvid, which make electric motorbikes in California. We’ve not covered heaps of motorbikes on the show so far, but that’s changing and we will have a bunch more this year. There’s a few really interesting things about Ryvid...

Firstly, they’ve got a pretty unique new metal folding technique for frame design which, if you listen to Horace and how he talks about how manufacturing techniques dictate how products evolve, has a lot of potential in offering lower cost, more innovative vehicle designs and companies.

Secondly, they’re about to go into production with only around $1M raised, and

Thirdly, they’ve just been the recipients of a $20M Calcompete grant in California, which is one of the largest grants that we’ve ever seen given to a Micromobility company. We really like Dong and his attitude, and it’s a pleasure to be able to bring you this conversation.

Specifically they tackle

- The background to Ryvid

- The Anthem vehicle

- What they’re building - vehicles, battery systems etc

- Why they have chosen folded metal frames vs. more traditional frame systems and the impact of that on the bike

- How they have funded the company - equity, grants

- What Dong is excited about in the industry going forward

Catch us on Twitter. Horace and Oliver are also active on their personal accounts and would love to hear from you.

Catch us on Twitter @MicromobilityCo. Horace and Oliver are also active on their personal accounts and would love to hear from you.

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