A Micromobility Performing Car - Marcus Li from Eli

Oliver Bruce
August 26, 2022


In this episode, Oliver Bruce interviews Marcus Li, the founder of Eli Electric Vehicles.

This is a great conversation where Marcus discusses:

Marcus has a very sound strategy for creating a product and company that is designed to scale in a "capital efficient" way. If you're interested in the hardware side of micromobility, we think you'll really enjoy this one.

As you’ll hear at the end, Marcus will be one of the companies that is presenting at Micromobility America on the 15/16th of September in the Bay Area. He’ll be joining about 1000 others to talk about the latest in micromobility and lightweight electric vehicles. He’ll be a part of the pitch competition that will happen on the stage on the 16th alongside amazing other companies such as Taur Scooters, Bo Mobility, BiMotal, Weel and more. We’re expecting this to be our best event yet. Get your tickets now.

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