A Family-Focused Micromobility Offering: The Wonderful Story of Whee! with Founder Kari Anne Solfjeld Eid

Oliver Bruce
August 19, 2022


Whee is a cargo bike subscription service based in Oslom Norway. Kari Anne won this year's inaugural Micromobility accelerate pitch competition that we had at the Micromobility Europe conference in June. She was selected by a group of judges as the best presenter on the day for a new Micromobility service or product. The judges noted her quirky style but also a really solid business under it.

One thing not covered in this episode was Kari Anne's low cost of acquisition and very low levels of churn that they’ve had with their subscription businesses.  

Specifically they dig into:

- The backstory of Whee! and why it exists

- How the service has grown, customer expectations and unpacking ‘there is a lot of money to be made from taking women seriously'

- The subscription model and why it holds promise

- The fundraising/company building experience they’ve had to date

Oliver really enjoyed this conversation and has enjoyed the opportunity to get to know Kari Anne over the last couple of months/ He has come to the realisation that we don’t include enough conversations here about Micromobility for families or women, something that we plan to do better on - If you have any ideas please message Micromobility on Twitter.

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