A Heavy Micromobility Update (plus, is Tesla actually disruptive?)

Oliver Bruce
October 8, 2020


This week Oliver is joined by Horace for an update and discussion on heavymicromobility, including a recent video interview of Sandy Munro, theautomotive engineering guru, and Mark Frohnmayer, CEO of Arcimoto talkingabout their three wheeled electric auto-cycle. Mark has been a guest on thepodcast in the past in episode 46 and Micromobility Industries are big fansof what they’re doing. Finally, they circle back on the age old question ofwhether Tesla is conforming to disruptive innovation theory.Specifically, they dig into:- How Arcimoto is conforming to the theory of disruptive innovation withthe way that it’s approaching the market - underserving, lower end,modularised production, solving for the job to be done - and why it’s thefirst stock recommendation (other than Apple) that Oliver has ever heardHorace make.- The history of overserving the customers in the car market, and whythere’s a space under them in the market for heavy micromobility- The speed of technological and business model development, and how thatties to the size and speed of the vehicle- The recent Battery Day announcements and manufacturing process upgradesfrom Elon Musk, and whether they’ve changed Horace’s mind that Tesla is adisruptive (rather than sustaining) innovation.

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