The biggest bikeshare in America - talking with Laura Fox, Lyft's General Manager for Citi Bike in New York

Oliver Bruce
July 23, 2020


This week Oliver interviews Laura Fox, Lyft's General Manager for Citi Bikein New York. Laura has an incredible background with stints in Qatar,working on Mexico cities planning regulations, time at Sidewalk Labs, andas editor for one of the best books on urban planning and economics we’vefound, Order by Design by Alain Bertaud, all of which is discussed, beforedigging in to the nitty gritty details of Citibike in NYC.This was a great episode - Laura is an amazing thinker and you’ll get a lotout of listening to her.Specifically we dig into:- an explanation of the Citibike setup - its coverage, size (15k bikes!!),characteristics and relationship to the NYC DOT.- How and why they price as the product as affordabiy as they do.- a discussion about the docked system and the benefits/challenges of thisvs the more common dockless system ie. bike valets, load balancing withlarge numbers locked up and how they create ’capacity valves’.- the impact of electrification on the fleet - how the early data frombikes show both 2-3x utilisation, but also longer duration and distancetrip durations.- A wider discussion about micromobility and its intersection with urbanform, infrastructure and other planning requirements- How they think about discussions over kerbside allocation, the challengesof of competing with car parking and the data/storytelling needed tocounter this.- where Laura sees the future going with regards to MaaS, how she thinkabout Lyft's play in that space and who has the power to be the forcingfunction to promote widespread adoption.- How COVID-19 has impacted their operations, and the changes in ridershipdemographics and usage that they’re seeing.The book that we mention is called Order without Design, and can be foundon Amazon here [].Would also encourage you to check out Devon Zuegel’s great podcast withAlain and his wife Marie-Agnes about their lives as nomadic urbanplanners/economists here [].

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