Markets for Trust - why blockchains matter with Horace Dediu and Anders Brownworth

Oliver Bruce
July 16, 2020

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Something a bit different this week. Horace and Oliver host AndersBrownworth, co-host of the Critical Path, to talk about crypto, blockchainsand markets for trust. Anders’ background working in telecom, finance andthen crypto (developing USDC and now working at the Federal Reserve) givehim a unique perspective. As Horace, Oliver and he break down whatprogrammable trust can mean for markets, government and society.This came out of a discussion following a Micromobility podcast recordingtalking about Apple was functioning as an arbiter of trust with all its newkey and payment building blocks, and how ‘trust’ carries a market premium,which gave way to a wider conversation about how trust can be priced.For those of you who aren’t that familar with the workings ofBitcoin/blockchain, Anders Brownworth has done a 101 video here (with morethan 1 million views!) -, they dig into:- The history of money, and why trust-minimised stores of value are sovaluable.- Markets for trust and how companies like Google or Uber are potentiallythreatened by distributed marketplaces/clearinghouses.- How the overall valuation of Bitcoin is the NPV of all future trust thatwill be accumulated to the protocol.- Why having immutable records is so important for the functioning ofdemocracies.- What areas of blockchains both Anders and Oliver are most excited about.Finally, as mentioned in the news - here is the excellent NYT article onthe reallocation of streetspace in New York, “I’ve seen a future withoutcars and it’s amazing” -

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