Products vs Platforms—the end of the Segway and the start of Apple in Micromobility

Oliver Bruce
June 25, 2020

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This week Horace joins Oliver to talk about the news that Segway has endedproduction of the PT and the new announcements from Apple and how theypertain to Micromobility. They also trial a news segment at the beginningof the show.Specifically they dig into:- What didn’t work about the Segway, and comparable failures in history- The risks of over engineering products without feedback or specificallyonly asking for feedback from B2B customers when trying to build a generalappeal product.- The innovations required to take the promise of the Segway to what we seetoday- The pathway for adoption, and the risks involved in ‘crossing the chasm’between early adopters and the early majority.- The new announcements from Apple and how they might be deployed in theMicromobility industry including AppleKey and the forthcoming Appletile/data network.- How to think about Apple’s efforts in Micromobility from a phone,wearables and accessories perspective- Whether the ‘platform-ization’ of Micromobility will happen in thevehicle or be captured at the phone level.If you like the latest news, check out the Micromobility Newsletter - Luke, our editor and conference lead, is an utter masterat finding the best and latest, and we also have a job board for jobs inthe space. Can’t recommend it highly enough.Let us know what you think of the episode @asymco and @oliverbruce!

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