7 Fat-Tire Electric Bikes for Tough Terrain

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Few things enhance one’s comfort on an ebike more than fat tires. Whether you are rolling over cracked pavement or tearing down dirt trails, a pair of burly tires will give you unparalleled confidence even in the diciest situations. 

The downside of fat-tire bikes is they are sluggish to start and slow to bring up to speed. But when you combine big tires with big power in the form of an electric motor, this problem all but disappears. (A motor also adds considerable heft; more on that later.)

So it’s not hard to see why fat tires and electric bikes work well together. But which kinds of riders should consider buying one?

Who Should Buy a Fat-Tire Electric Bike?

We can’t all live off pristine bike lanes. If the road quality in your area is somewhere between inconvenient and downright treacherous, fat-tire electric bikes are a great way to get around safely. The ability to smooth out massive cracks and bumps makes fat ebikes adaptable for weekend backcountry adventures as well as weekday city commutes. 

Lastly (and perhaps most importantly), if you are sick of constantly changing flats, far tires have taller sidewalls, which means they are less exposed to rubber-piercing debris on the road.

Who Shouldn’t Buy a Fat-Tire Electric Bike?

If your weekend plans include bombing down twisty trails (such as singletrack), you should instead consider getting a mountain ebike. These bikes have special components designed to handle the stress of bouncing over obstacles. 

Another reason to avoid fat ebikes is that they can be exceedingly hard to carry, with some versions weighing as much as 80 lb (36 kg). If you plan to park your bike in your garage or on the street, bulkiness might not be an issue. But if you need to transport your ride up a flight of stairs or onto a train each day, every ounce counts. 

Here are the some specific recommendations if you are thinking about buying a fat-tire electric bikes.

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