Going Premium—The iPhone of Bikesharing with Corinne Vogel of Smide

Oliver Bruce
October 2, 2018


On today's episode Horace and Oliver are joined by Corinne Vogel, head ofoperations at Smide bikeshare based in Zurich, Switzerland. Smide is ahigh-end e-bike share system, with speed pedelec bikes that travel up to30mph/45kph. It's using a completely different approach to the rapidblanket approach from e-scooter rollouts we're seeing elsewhere. It's afascinating discussion.*Specifically, we touch on:*- Who and what their customers are, why they choose Smide over otheroptions and how this parallels to iPhone market positioning.- The importance of having good relationships with cities (and how they'reloved by the governments they work with)- Their unique crowdlending model for financing the launch of new cities- How they deploy user incentives to help load-balance the network, and theimportance of having vehicles that go >70km / 50miles per chargeAs always, let us know what you think on Twitter at @asymco or@oliverbruce. Thanks!

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