Micromobility from the beginning - a conversation with Sanjay Dastoor, CEO of Skip and co-founder of Boosted Boards

Oliver Bruce
February 6, 2020


This week Oliver interviews Sanjay Dastoor, one of the founders of BoostedBoards and subsequently Skip, who operate a shared scooter service in DC.Sanjay has been around this space longer than pretty much anyone, and has awealth of insight and experience that were a joy to unpack.Unfortunately, the audio cut a little for Sanjay right at the beginning butwe kick off right where it picks up.Specifically we cover:- Sanjay's journey as a Micromobility OG starting Boosted Boards and thenon to Skip - his original motivations, how your thinking has evolved, andlessons learned about what works and doesn’t.- How he's thinking about the current shared scooter space in terms ofbusiness models and regulatory response, as well as a discussion aboutSkip’s foray into subscription models- We dig into the challenges that Skip have faced in San Francisco and thebidding processes. We talk about what if anything could have improved it,and why Sanjay sympathizes with the city officials for the outcomes.- We talk about vehicle design, and the opportunities and challenges forshared vehicle design and what he thinks is coming- How Sanjay thinks through shared vs. leased vs. rented vehicles andreflects on what works and doesn't- We discuss where and why legacy regulations will result in highlyspecific solutions for different geographies.- We talk through capital efficiency in operations, why it’s important, andwhat creative destruction in this space looks like- Sanjay's thoughts/critiques on Horace’s thesis around micromobility,including the interplay between hardware and operating systems

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