The Data-play of Micromobility - William Henderson, CEO of Ride Report

Oliver Bruce
November 22, 2019


Today on the podcast, Oliver interviews William Henderson, CEO of RideReport about micromobility data and mobility-as-a-service systems. RideReport is the reporting dashboard for over 50 cities globally for theirdockless shared micromobility operations, and William's team work veryclosely with regulators and operators globally to build trust among all thedifferent parties. William also has a great historical context for urbantransportation and what has/hasn't worked in the past. It's a greatconversation!Specifically we dig into:- William's background at Square and how that skillset led him to startRide Report.- The role of data in building trust among operators and regulators, andwhy that needs to sit with a third party- A run through of the Mobility Data Specification - an introduction forthose unfamiliar, why it works and is problematic and why Uber is suingLADOT.- The necessity of good quality data in building open mobility systems, andwhich cities are doing it well.- The history of how bike share and public transport emerged and developedand the parallels to micromobility systems today.- Which cities are adopting best practice for regulating sharedscooters/bikes around the world, which ones are not doing it well and why.- Why scooter/micromobility parking on street corners is a smart idea thatserves multiple purposes.- The parallels between payments systems vs. the interoperablemobility-as-a-service ecosystem.Things referenced in the discussion:- LA Department of Transport- Mobility Data Specification- Open Mobility FoundationThanks also to this week’s sponsor Twilio IoT.Shared micromobiltiy is a deceptively hard business. Keep losing yourconnections to those vehicles and soon you’ll be out of business. That’swhere Twilio IoT comes in - providing SIMs and a cellular connectivityplatform to seamlessly connect in 180+ countries. Twilio helps companieslike Lime, Skip, Spin and Beam to cost effectively scale faster, deployfurther, and optimize their supply chain. Twilio is also the leader for SMSand phone verification APIs to reduce fraud and improve user experience.Are you looking for the right global cellular connectivity partner to scalewith? Twilio is offering free SIMs and test credit to Micromobility Podcastlisteners for a limited time.Visit here to find out more.

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