Big micromobility - hitting the 500kg limit with Arcimoto CEO Mark Frohnmayer

Oliver Bruce
November 6, 2019

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In today’s episode, Oliver interviews Mark Frohnmayer, CEO of Arcimoto, anew 1100lb+ electric trike that has just gone into production in Eugene,Oregon. Arcimoto is aiming to a hit a US$12k production price point for avehicle with 70+ miles of range and able to conform to all roadinginfrastructure, including highways. We unpack why this is a disruptivesolution to the market.Specifically we dig into:- The origin story for Arcimoto and why Mark launched the company- The specifics of the vehicle, including their design tradeoffs andbenefits and what ‘rockstar parking’ means- Their planned routes to market, including rentals and enterprise customers- The challenges of getting to production, and where they’ve learnt lessons- How and why they’re interested in adding autonomy to their design platform- Why their manufacturing strategy is disruptive compared to existingvehicle manufacturing techniques today- Their plans for expansion globally- What the capital markets have been like for them as they went fromconcept to productionThanks to this week’s sponsor Particle. Particle provides an end-to-end IoTplatform, from device management to connectivity to hardware for connectingmicromobility vehicles to networks and reducing complexity as operationsscale. For operators that I’ve talked to, they’re a godsend in the world ofhighly complex and competitive operations.Visit to learn more and request a free IoTdevelopment kit. All podcast listeners will also receive a freeconsultation. Visit today.

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