Owned Premium Lightweight Scooters - the Unagi story with CEO David Hyman

Oliver Bruce
October 31, 2019

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In this episode, Oliver interviews David Hyman, CEO of Unagi Scooters aboutthe market for premium, lightweight owned micromobility. David’s backgroundis in software and marketing, having previously been the CEO of Beats byDre. Unagi has really nailed the owned scooter brand experience, and it’s agreat discussion.Specifically we dig into:- Features and tradeoffs that they made in order to deliver the bestownership experience- The origin story for the Unagi Scooter- The overall market potential for the space and how they’re thinking aboutit- The importance of quality and signalling for something that is personallyowned, and how that differs from shared services- What he sees happening for the micromobility space, both owned andshared, in the coming few years- Their recent raise of $3m, who it came from and what they intend to dowith it.Thanks to this week’s sponsor Particle. Particle provides an end-to-end IoTplatform, from device management to connectivity to hardware for connectingmicromobility vehicles to networks and reducing complexity as operationsscale. For operators that I’ve talked to, they’re a godsend in the world ofhighly complex and competitive operations.Visit Particle.io/micromobility to learn more and request a free IoTdevelopment kit. All podcast listeners will also receive a freeconsultation. Visit Particle.io/micromobility today.

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