The Case For Micromobility - A Recap Summary

Oliver Bruce
April 2, 2019

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New to micromobility? This episode is for you. Been with us all year? Thereis still plenty of depth and breadth being addressed. In this specialepisode, Horace and Oliver revisit many of the ideas of the first 20+. Itis a great episode for both solidifying one’s understanding and introducingone’s friends and family.*Specifically, they cover:*- How Horace came to micromobility and why it was so initially captivating- The primary requirement of the micromobility definition (500kg) and thesecondary requirements — motor and utility- Recent growth in global production ability and the China bikeshare bubble- The push and pull of micromobility- How success in disruption requires humility for both sides- The various pain points of modern transportation and how micromobilityaddresses them- Jobs to be done and the markets for micromobility- How the sharing economy allows us to no longer buy for the extremely rareuse cases (six sigma)- Applying our intuitive sense for jobs to be done in computing totransportation- The significance of the lognormal distribution for car trips- The evolution rate of micromobility vehicles, which is orders ofmagnitude greater than that of automobility.- A few predictions- The adoption curve and the disruption principle- Efficiency gains of various modes and environmental impact ofmicromobility- The exponential growth of scooter companies in 2018- The maintenance needs and vehicle design needs of shared vehicles

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