2022 Roadmap: Where Is Micromobility Going Next?


In the past year, the rebound of micromobility after the pandemic lull has brought back discussions about the many ways it can impact urban life. Between ride sharing solutions, private fleets, and last-mile delivery, the market has witnessed significant growth as micromobility offers a more sustainable and convenient point-to-point transformation.

Within the last few weeks, many top mobility players such as Lime and Zoomo have raised hundreds of millions of dollars. A recent merger by Bird also brought over $400 million, part of which will launch in new cities. This inspiring news signals investors' confidence in micromobility.

As more people reside in urban areas globally, and cities are dealing with pollution and jammed streets, it’s becoming an increasingly urgent need for cities, operators, and citizens to take micromobility seriously.

As we've reached the end of 2021, understanding the upcoming trends in this industry to get a handle on the opportunities that will make your business stand out is essential.

Join us as we talk about where micromobility is heading and the trends that will define the landscape in the coming year with an expert panel:

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