185: Subscription-as-a-Service - Unpacking a New Micromobility Business Model With Micro OG and Tempo Founder Michael Keating


This week we release a discussion with Michael Keating that was recorded when Oliver was passing through San Francisco on the launch day of his new company Tempo.

For those who are in the know, Michael Keating is an OG of the Micromobility space, having founded Scoot back in 2012, which was one of the first moped sharing companies before selling it to Bird.

Tempo is Michael's latest venture and one we're very excited about, having followed the journey along for a while. We are honoured that he would share this with us on a busy launch day, as they were fielding calls from lots of other journalists, and we really enjoyed this conversation about not only the history of shared Micromobility, but also the current state of things and his efforts to accelerate getting Micromobility into the hands of millions.

Specifically the discuss:

- Who is Tempo, what do they do?

- Why subscription and not sharing?

- What makes Tempo different from other subscription micro businesses?

We hope you enjoyed as much as we did, and if you are listening to this and would like to come and join us, get your tickets for Micromobility Europe – June 8th and 9th in Amsterdam. Horace will be there along with Oliver and the whole rest of the team and over 1000 thinkers and builders in the space of Micromobility. It will be an absolute blast.

And with that here is Michael.

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