5 Billion Riders - Why Horace Dediu thinks micro will be the biggest transport story of the next 20 years.

Oliver Bruce
November 25, 2022


This week Oliver interviews Horace about the talk he did at Micromobility America on the Total Addressable Market for micromobility, and the opportunity of the space.

This should really be listened to in the context of the 5 Billion Riders talk that Horace gave at the conference, which is now on Youtube. Here, we dig into Horace’s thought pattern and the significance of mapping out addressable markets in informing the debate and opportunity for the space.

Specifically, they dig into:

- The backstory for Total Addressable Markets and why these matter

- What has changed since Horace’s early work in this space

- The potential impact of 5 billion riders

- Why this matters for companies raising funds

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