RAMPing heavy micromobility with Mark Frohnmayer of Arcimoto

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This week Oliver interviews Mark Frohnmayer, CEO of Arcimoto. Mark has beenon the podcast before on episodes 111 and 46, and this time they discussthe latest progress with the vehicles they’re building, like the FUV andwhere they’ve got to with future vehicles like the Mean Lean Machine. Theyget into the revisions to the platform they’ve made for manufacturing withone of Oliver’s industry favourites, Sandy Munro, as well as the variousvariants that they’ve developing.Specifically, they tackle:- The latest on Arcimoto production and the development of the FUVplatform.- The journey through Arcimoto’s project with Sandy Munro.- Mark’s vision for the Mean Lean Machine and how they manufacture thevehicles locally.– Funding, and how the Arcimoto stock 30x’ed and then corrected heavily inline with a lot of other EV manufacturers, how they can bring thistechnology to the market without going bankrupt.Learn more about Mark and Arcimoto by visiting their website right here.Our sponsor for this episode is Joyride.Joyride’s SaaS platform powers every point of the micromobility journey,from vehicle selection to turnkey software to extensive resources. As oneof the world’s first micromobility platforms, Joyride’s shared mobilitycustomers span more than 200 global markets and thousands of multimodalvehicles. These micromobility operators - no matter their size - are on afast-tracked road to profitability with Joyride’s low-cost operatingplatform, exclusive hardware deals and industry hand-holding throughobstacles like insurance, RFP writing and data compliance.And now, the Joyride team is taking their micromobility know-how on theroad to host the first-ever Joyride Academy Experience. This one-of-a-kind,hands-on workshop made entirely for micromobility operators is being heldon June 1 as part of Micromobility Europe. They’ll be covering Financing,Advanced Operational Efficiencies, Data-Driven Insurance and hosting afireside chat with some of the industry’s biggest players. If you’remanaging - or thinking of managing - a micromobility fleet, this is theplace to be on June 1.The best part? The Joyride Academy Experience is completely free toMicromobility Europe ticket-holders, so register today and head over to ourblog to see how to sign up for the workshop before spaces fill up.

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