The story of Gogoro and Battery Swapping with CEO and founder Horace Luke

Oliver Bruce
March 3, 2022

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This week we’re releasing the interview of Rebecca Bellan from Techcrunchinterviewing Gogoro CEO and cofounder Horace Luke at our recentMicromobility World event. Horace is an OG of Micromobility and verysimilar to our Horace Dediu in that he came from mobile as well, and thensought to apply the advancements in tech to transport.Gogoro aspires to build a battery swapping infrastructure that will powermillions of micromobility users from Berlin to Hangzhou everyday. Rebeccagets the inside story of the Taiwanese battery-swapping company in a depthhasn't been captured before—and conveniently, right on the eve of thefirm's upcoming IPO.Horace and Rebecca discuss- Horace’s background in mobile phones- The business strategy behind battery swapping and two-wheelers- Gogoro’s expansion plans for China, India, and Indonesia - some of thelargest micromobility markets in the world.Thanks very much to Rebecca for doing such a great job.

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