The Environmental Impact of Micromobility with Dr. Chris Cherry

Oliver Bruce
November 28, 2018

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On today’s episode, we’re joined by Dr Chris Cherry (@drchrischerry),Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University ofTennessee and Director of Light Electric Vehicle Education and Research(LEVER) Initiative, an international academic/industry research consortiumon lightweight and low speed EV’s about the environmental and socialimplications of micromobility.We discuss:- How China’s electric micromobility sector has grown to lead the world,and how Chris and his colleagues have worked to understand it.- The framework that they use to understand the benefits that lightweightelectric utility vehicles offer users — notably low cost, point to point,low emission transport.- The emission and energy use of micromobility vehicles compared to otheroptions.- How to think about whether micromobility is additive or substitutivetrips vs. incumbent modes of transport.- What the role of fun plays in micromobility adoption.- Which cities will benefit the most from the ride of micromobility and why.

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