Disrupting Telco Infrastructure with Amir Haleem, CEO of Helium and Horace Dediu


This week, Oliver and Horace interview Amir Haleem, CEO of Helium, aboutthe rise of distributed telco infrastructure. This was originally recordedfor the Critical Path, but given that Amir has been a guest on the podcastin the past and there’s a direct link between what they’re building and lowcost connectivity for micromobility, we wanted to share here as well.If you’re interested in Helium and wondering how it sits within thetelecommunication industry business model, this is a great episode.Specifically they dig into:- The Helium model for telco and what problem they were trying to solve.- Why Horace calls this the first 'useful crypto' he's found.- Horace talks about the traps of infrastructure financing, and ponderswhether the Helium model invalidate these challenges.- Horace and Amir break down whether/how the model is disruptive toexisting infrastructure.- They talk about the future challenges they can foresee, and how Heliumwill potentially react.Also, the next Micromobility America conference is now scheduled for the23rd of September. It’ll be in Pier 70 in San Francisco and have more than50 top speakers from the industry, more than 1000 global participants and500ish startups and brands represented. If you love this space and want tofind your tribe here, head to micromobility.io to find out more details.

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