Apple C(ar)mputer - why Apple should be thinking micromobility, not automobility

Oliver Bruce
January 24, 2021


On this episode, Horace joins Oliver on the show to talk about what anentry by Apple into the mobility market would look like, and why a car isperhaps the wrong form factor to be looking at. They talk through thegrowth prospects for micromobility, and why Apple’s entry into the marketwould be a meaningful contribution to the world of mobility.This is on the back of Horace’s post ‘Apple Computer’ published on theMicromobility Industries blog recently. Check it out here: they dig into:- The parts of the upcoming Micromobility World conference that Horace ismost excited about- The size of the car market vs the micromobility market as it currentlystands- Where the margins lie- Why Apple has typically entered into industries that are still ‘embryonic’- What a meaningful contribution could look like and what technologieswould materially affect the user experience- The constraints of infrastructure on useability and the ‘feel’ of avehicle- How computation becomes more personal over time, and why that will applyto vehicles too- The revisit Microsoft’s decision in the 90’s to get into the lounge, andwhy that was the wrong question.- Horace coins the term ‘smartphone-y’Thanks again to the sponsors of this episode, Christensen Group.Christensen Group, a lead player in the micromobility insurance category.As the micromobility space continues to grow around the world with adiverse spectrum of business models, Christensen Group continues to be aleader in the space servicing: e-scooter, moped, motorcycle, e-bike sharingoperations along with: subscription & private based programs,manufacturers, AI technology providers and more. They will have a virtualbooth at this year’s Micromobility World event on January 27-29. Theyinvite you to stop by and have a chat with them about safety, fundraising,regulatory requirements, and trends in the risk and insurance marketplace,or whatever else is on your mind. They’re also going to have folks fromZagster, ZipCar, Ford Mobility, and others dropping by their booth todiscuss litigation trends, regulatory missteps, fundraising and start-upstrategies, and more.

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