Setting the Scene for the Great Unbundling of the Car

Oliver Bruce
August 28, 2018


In this inaugural episode, we outline the key themes and issues we want toaddress in the show series including:1) Defining micromobility - what is it, where did it come from and why doesit matter?2) The disruptive potential of micromobility. With this, we will unpack whythe current fixation on autonomy with automobiles is misplaced, and what adistributed, connected robot of micromobility vehicles might look like.3) The great unbundling of the car - what does it mean, and why themicromobility was required to make multimodality a feasible unbundledoption for travel.4) How the emergence of micro mobility tracks the development of the earlydays of computing, and why we’re still really in 1976 with the emergence ofthe Apple I.5) How disruption from the low end induces demand and drives such steepadoption curves. We also unpack why their scale will permit the developmentof large scale computation platforms, especially vs. traditional carplatforms.6) The impact of the emergence of micromobility on infrastructure and howcities function.7) How the business models of this might emerge, how securitisation of theassets deployed will enable rapid deployment, and lay the foundations fortokenised solutions that align the interests of users, operators andinvestors together.We also hit Marchetti’s constant (time budgets for travel) and log normaldistributions of travel time. We end on a thought experiment on howteleportation would change everything.

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