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XNITO is a San Francisco based startup founded in June of 2020, during the height of the COVID pandemic. Our origin story is a little different than most companies. We are actually a byproduct of an innovations lab. Our parent company Tunabear Inc is a tech consulting company, and they began experimenting with RPA’s (essentially software robots to help businesses become more efficient). In order to better understand them, they designed several business models to see how they could use these RPA’s with real business applications. To figure out how these software robots could help an e-commerce website, Tunabear designed a business model for an ecommerce company. As it turned out, we had a whole catalog of ideas and a team that was super enthusiastic about this idea. We decided to keep this e-commerce model alive, and today you know it as XNITO. An idea that was born from innovation is now set out to bring innovation to everyday products for you to enjoy day in and day out. In an evolving market where riders and commuters are switching to e-bikes and e-scooters more than ever before, we began to wonder if bicycle helmets offer enough protection for these faster e-vehicles. Turns out, traditional bike helmets were only designed to offer protection at speeds up to 15 mph. However, todays class 3 electric vehicles can go much faster than that. After doing research to see what helmet options were out there, we realized that there is a huge hole in the market. This set our goal in motion: to develop a safer helmet that can protect riders at these higher speeds, and to educate people to the fact that picking the right helmet matters. We created a hybrid helmet that features the best features of a bicycle helmet, combined with the protection of a motorcycle helmet.

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