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Plus Rides Inc has reimagined the traditional eScooter OEM with a novel approach. We design & manufacture foldable electric scooters that roll, fold, charge, track and stow better than the rest. Catering to employees, residents, and guests, we can customize our product into fleet solutions for residences, hotels, campuses, cruise/tour companies, and more. Plus Rides electric scooters redefine urban commuting and asset management through their innovative design and functionality. Our scooters prioritize take-with-you portability including carrying onto bus, train, subway, car trunk, and plane. The design features a spacious wooden deck on rubber springs, supported by a sturdy yet lightweight metal alloy frame, all free of exposed wires. Maintenance is simplified with an isolated electronic cabinet. Offering up to 10-mile range and 2-hour fire-safe USB-C recharging, our scooters blend speed, safety (including a headlamp, dual brakes, and 15MPH top speed), and compactness with a patent-pending, pinch-proof folding hinge. At 27.5 lbs, they offer multiple carry modes and can be locked outdoors or stored efficiently indoors with our vertical hall stand. Fleet management is streamlined via integrated Bluetooth beacon hardware.


Micromobility America
Nov 14-15, 2024