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MOBY is a multi-vertical electric micro mobility operator headquartered in Ireland with operations across Ireland, UK, Holland, Croatia, Belgium, France and the United States. Our flagship product is providing e-bikes and e-cargo bikes from top brands as-a-service, bundling maintenance, charging and operations into an all-inclusive offering. We are an operations-driven company whose mission is to enable people and businesses to convert car trips to micro mobility in order to make cities more liveable and combat climate change. MOBY manages the e-bike fleets from local e-bike hubs, which help stimulate neighbourhood economies and build skills in the high-growth micro mobility and last-mile logistics fields. We currently operate 3500+ vehicles across the world across B2B schemes, subscriptions schemes, city schemes funded by municipalities, delivery fleets, hotel schemes and corporate schemes. MOBY is a leading member & partner of several industry bodies actively engaged in discussions with cities, Governments, companies & the public to reshape our shared future of micro mobility and help countries meet their carbon targets through sustainable transport options.


Micromobility Europe
June 5-6, 2024