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Welcome to the future of cycling! HydroRide Europe AG is a young, innovative Swiss startup dedicated to shaping the mobility of the future. We are a group of dedicated pioneers working towards a greener and more sustainable future. Our brand HYRYD for hydrogen-powered bicycles is the result of our passion for technology and our pursuit of eco-friendly solutions. We are committed to developing innovative, emission-free mobility to contribute to a sustainable future. In addition to our hydrogen bicycles, we also offer hydrogen scooters (Innovation) and generators that allow you to produce your own hydrogen at home. This ensures that your bike or scooter is always ready for use, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of eco-friendly mobility to the fullest. In the near future, we will offer further innovative mobility solutions, so stay tuned! What visitors can expect at our booth: You can get deep insights of our hydrogen mobility solutions and experience the innovative technology. Our experts, who are part of our young and dedicated team, will be on hand to assist you.  At our booth, you will find informative videos that introduce the benefits and functionality of our products  Furthermore, we are giving away attractive prizes. Simply participate in our raffle for a chance to win! What all sharing providers can expect:  Product information about our hydrogen bicycles: Our HYRYD representatives will provide you with detailed information about the technical specifications, performance data, and features of our innovative hydrogen mobility solutions.  Demonstrations and videos: In addition, we will show you demonstrations and videos illustrating the advantages of our hydrogen technology. This way, you can experience the performance and operation of our mobility solutions live.  Expert discussions: Our HYRYD experts will be available on-site to answer your questions and discuss the potential of hydrogen mobility for your sharing offerings as well. We look forward to welcoming you to our booth and shaping the future of sustainable mobility together.


Micromobility Europe
June 5-6, 2024