Horace Dediu

Horace Dediu is an analyst and founder of Asymco, the Critical Path and Micromobility podcasts. Horace coined the term “micromobility” to describe shared vehicles weighing less than 500 kg. Horace lives in Helsinki & Padasjoki Finland, Boston MA, Torrevieja Spain, and San Francisco, CA.


James Gross

James Gross is an American entrepreneur. He most recently was the Co-Founder of Percolate, a technology company with a mission to be The System of Record for Marketing Operations. James lives in Oakland, CA and enjoys all forms of micromobility and surfing.


Judd Rubin

A writer, producer and podcaster based in Southern California, Judd loves to explore the intersection of innovation and absurdity. Despite living in Santa Monica, he believes in Micromobility 100%.  


Sofia Hoflin

Sofia Hoflin is a Swedish graphic designer based in Brooklyn. She was the Creative Director at Percolate, and most recently spent four months hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.


Oliver Bruce

Oliver Bruce is an angel investor and co-host of the Micromobility Podcast with Horace Dediu. Previously he was with Uber in Australia and New Zealand working on strategic projects and business development. He lives in Wellington, New Zealand.



Kat Gillis

By day, Kat Gillis is a Product Manager at Percolate, where she builds technology for marketers. By night, she's a proud German native -- the home to millions of e-bikes and birthplace of the term micromobility!