21: Regulating Micromobility - A Panel From the Recent Summit

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On today’s episode, Oliver runs over recent news in the scooter/micromobility space with Michal Naka (@michalnaka) and we release the government regulator panel from the recent Micromobility California Summit talking about the experiences from LA, Portland, Oakland and Claremont in regulating scooter operators.

In the news section, we discuss:

  • The emergence of Grin in South America, and what this means for scooters in LatAm.

  • Lime’s recent $310m raise and how this reflects the consolidation of the rest of the industry.

Next, we have the panel from the recent Summit where Katie Fehrenbacher from Greenbiz hosts a panel with:

  • Seleta Reynolds from the LADOT (chair 3)

  • Ryan Russo from Oakland DOT (chair 1)

  • Briana Orr who managed Portland’s Shared Electric Scooter Pilot (chair 4)

  • Julie Medero, Chair of the Traffic and Transportation Commission from the City of Claremont (chair 2)

They cover:

  • How cities are viewing the rise of micromobility operations as a means of providing access to low-cost mobility and benefitting their citizens.

  • What cities have learnt from the rise of Uber/Lyft and how that is influencing their regulatory stances with new operators and business models.

  • How they’re using their ability to regulate to influence data standards and how this will affect operators/entrepreneurs in this space.

  • The variables that they, as regulators, need to consider as part of rollouts.

  • How cities are thinking about infrastructure and deployment, and the challenges that they face in rolling out safe infrastructure for micromobility.

Oliver Bruce