What’s Behind the Current Wave of Vertical Integration?

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Between Bird buying Circ, Tier acquiring Coup, and Lime taking control of Jump, it is pretty clear that, in 2020, micromobility has entered its long-anticipated consolidation phase.

But while a handful of high-profile mergers between operators have dominated the news, a potentially more significant trend has been quietly playing out in the background: the rise of vertical integrated micromobility companies.

Recent months have witnessed heightened M&A activity across the value chain, as hardware, software, IoT, and operations companies join forces or expand internally to own new categories. 

Join us on Wednesday, June 24 at 10am PT / 1pm ET for our next subscriber-only webinar, What’s Behind the Current Wave of Vertical Integration? to discuss. Our special guests will be Assaf Biderman, CEO of Superpedestrian, and Prabin Joel Jones, VP of Bond, whose companies both absorbed new layers of the value chain in recent weeks. Together, we will examine the implications of vertical integration in the micromobility sector.

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