The Inaugural Conference—the Start of Something Small

It was difficult to predict what the reception of our first event would be. James says he particularly remembers a critic’s comment from just one week before the event —“Is this going to be the Fyre Festival of Mobility?”

Yet our inaugural Micromobility Conference shattered all expectations, including many of our own lofty ones. It was an incredible showing, comprised of 650+ entrepreneurs, engineers, business leaders, government officials, venture capitalists, and academics, and the entire day from the early AM to the late PM was amply fueled by enthusiasm for the emerging space of micromobility and shared passion for the well-being of our cities and their inhabitants.

A quote by Alex Roy from the video above:

“The most important people—thinkers and companies — in the space, in a new space in transport, [and all] in one room. And the car shows have not done that—[this] is it…Every person I read is in this room today.”

And our sponsorship lineup was as exceptional as our audience:

  • We had the two biggest Micromobility players by market cap in Uber/JUMP and Lyft

  • One of the the hottest software companies in the world, Twilio

  • Auto incumbents entering the space with Ford/Spin

  • And numerous companies launching at our event like SwiftMile.

Micromobility Industries events are different—we focus on the companies, business models, enabling technologies, and macro trends that are reshaping transportation in cities around the world, bringing together the leaders of both the private and public sector, as well as enthusiasts and influencers from all over the globe.

We are profoundly curious and need to move to satisfy our hunger and thirst. To mix with others and to expand our horizons. The Manifesto

We’re not about PR and Marketing—we’re about driving the space forward and connecting great minds. We’re about the private and public sector understanding one another and working together. We’re about cities built for people, not cars. We’re about lifelong-learner individuals that don’t settle for the world we presently live in. We’re about “miles and smiles,” as Horace has so aptly put it.

“Micromobility is a big word for a small idea.” We’re coming to Europe next—will you join us?