Honda Xcelerator Sponsors Micromobility California

Honda Xcelerator has signed as the first Micromobility California sponsor. We are delighted to have such an innovator and incubator of new ideas as our sponsor. The history of Honda and Micromobility is legendary. The Honda Super Cub is the most produced motor vehicle in history with over 100 million made since 1958.

It is singularly responsible for mobilizing the populations of many Asian countries. In Vietnam, for example, Super Cubs are so predominant as motorcycle taxis that "Honda" has become a genericized trademark, meaning any motorcycle taxi. The Super Cub has been compared to the Ford Model T, Volkswagen Beetle and the Jeep as an icon of 20th century industry and transport. The Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, included the 1958 Honda Super Cub C100 as one of their 240 Landmarks of Japanese Automotive Technology. It is in keeping with this tradition that we welcome Honda to the future of micromobility and we invite attendees to interact with our sponsors to create this future.

About Honda Xcelerator

Headquartered in Silicon Valley with satellites in Detroit, Boston, Canada, Europe, Israel, China and Japan, Honda Xcelerator is an open innovation program for innovators across all funding stages who seek to collaborate with Honda and create transformative new technologies and businesses. Honda created the program to engage innovators in an open and supportive environment. Honda Xcelerator offers funding for rapid prototyping, collaborative workspaces, pairing with Honda mentors. To learn more, visit and follow along on Twitter at @HondaInnovation.

Horace Dediu